Turkish Airlines launches tailored travel experiences for students

Turkish Airlines launches tailored travel experiences for students

Turkish Airlines has introduced the “Turkish Airlines Student Privileges Program”, a student-centric initiative aimed at elevating the travel experience for students. The new program is designed to be accessible and make travel affordable for students, whether connecting with loved ones, attending educational institutions, or exploring new destinations.

Recognising the adventurous spirit of students, Turkish Airlines presents privileges that transcend conventional travel offerings. Students can benefit from a variety of services, including discounts of up to 20% on flights, an increased baggage allowance, a one-time free ticket change for international flights, and extra miles on all flights. With these special offers, Turkish Airlines is gearing its efforts towards enhancing students’ travels and helping them feel more at ease when planning their journeys.

Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat, stated that “We understand the significance of providing students with affordable and flexible travel options. Turkish Airlines is dedicated to supporting students in their educational journeys, making exploration and learning accessible.”

Turkish Airlines Supports Türkiye Scholarships Program

Beyond the Student Privileges Program, Turkish Airlines is strengthening its commitment to education by supporting the Türkiye Scholarships Program, acknowledging the pivotal role education plays in positive global change. The generously funded program, supported by the Turkish government, exemplifies Türkiye’s dedication to nurturing exceptional talents globally. This government-funded initiative provides outstanding students and researchers with the chance to pursue full-time or short-term programs at Türkiye’s esteemed universities.

As part of the Türkiye Scholarships Program, Turkish Airlines is proud to be the program’s airline partner, providing flight tickets to students from across the globe who choose to come to Türkiye to advance their studies, careers, and in turn, find more global opportunities for themselves.



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