5 Reasons Why I Love This Lesser-Known European Destination

5 Reasons Why I Love This Lesser-Known European Destination

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When you are lucky enough to be a digital nomad, you get to spend your time in some pretty epic destinations around the globe. When you are a digital nomad who also happens to be a travel writer, then you really are expected to explore many diverse regions and know the best places. 

Therefore, ask any experienced traveler as to which places they love the most, and the answers can be quite varied and interesting. 

woman watching Sarajevo skyline from Yellow Bastion viewpoint

I have not traveled nearly as much as many other people, only clocking in about 55 countries so far, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a list of favorites to recommend when people ask.

One city that always comes to mind when I am asked about places I love is the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) capital city of Sarajevo. 

And it seems I am not the only one to discover the charm of this history and culture-packed city, as it’s been seeing a record number of tourists this year and shows no signs of slowing down. 

Bascarsija square with Sebilj wooden fountain in Old Town Sarajevo

Here Are 5 Reasons Why I Love Sarajevo:

Budget Friendly

The countries of the Balkan region are known to be cheap destinations, and Bosnia and Herzegovina is no exception.

Traveling around the country and even in the capital city of Sarajevo is much cheaper than other European destinations and far less expensive than traveling around the UK or the U.S. In fact, for example, eating at a restaurant in Sarajevo is nearly 60% cheaper than in the States. 

Airbnbs in the city are extremely cheap, and walking around most places is the best option, meaning you don’t need to spend much money on transportation as well. Getting to Sarajevo is easiest by bus or train from nearby countries, and the airport connects you to the U.S. with a quick stop in Istanbul or via low-cost carrier throughout other European cities. 

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Safe and Welcoming

The country of Bosnia and Herzegovina is known to be welcoming to tourists and is happy to have them visit their country to experience all there is to enjoy.

While the country (and Sarajevo especially) went through a very dark period and a world-famous siege, the people here now are happy and open, and it’s evident in how they live their lives. 

Sarajevo is a safe city. I explored day and night and never felt the slightest sense of danger or ill at ease. The country ranks an impressive 61st place worldwide on the 2023 Global Peace Index, and travelers should not have any issues here. 

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Food, Architecture, And Scenery 

Like all Balkan food, Bosnia has some fantastic cuisine at super low prices. Not to mention the coffee, which has to be seen and tasted to be believed. Don’t miss exploring the market and trying everything you can find, from Balkan favorites such as cevapi and burek, to more specialty dishes such as begova corba (chicken & veg soup) and the meat stew of Bosanski lonac. 

Walking around the city and taking in the quirky architecture is a great way to soak up the vibe, one building that is stunning is the old brewery, don’t miss a chance to stop in there and have a look. 

The scenery around the city is mesmerizing, and you can’t forget to get up into the nearby Trebević mountain area to explore the abandoned bobsled track, and even enjoy the cable car for some epic views. 

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Packed With History

When you mention Sarajevo to anyone, the first thing that likely comes to mind is the siege that took place in the 1990s. This tragic event is one that really should be understood to its fullest, and a walking tour is a great way to familiarize yourself with the horrors of this time. 

Any good walking tour will also take you to the tunnel, which was dug under the airport’s runway to supply the people with goods while the city was shut off. 

Aside from the horrific history of the siege, Sarajevo is important for other historical reasons. Keep your eyes out for famous sites such as the Sarajevo roses found in the buildings and sidewalks and The Latin Bridge, famous for being the site where World War I started.

Latin Bridge In Sarajevo, Capital Of Bosnia And Herzegovina, Eastern Europe

Epic Day Trips

Sarajevo is fantastic, and spending a week or more there is easy to do, but if you find yourself wanting to see more of the absolutely wonderful country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are many options from the city. 

One super popular trip is a 2-hour train ride to the postcard-perfect Mostar, where you can wander the old town and Cath the daring divers jump from dizzying heights into the shallow waters below. 

Aside from Mostar, popular day trips from Sarajevo include beautiful places such as Travnik, Kravica Waterfalls, Srebrenica, Jajce, and Konjic. 

mostar bridge bosnia

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