These 6 Unique Latin American Towns Are Perfect For Digital Nomads This Winter

These 6 Unique Latin American Towns Are Perfect For Digital Nomads This Winter

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With the rising number of people embracing a life of digital nomadism, it’s only natural that more and more countries will emerge as ideal places to work remotely.

For many in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is ending, and deciding where to spend the upcoming winter becomes the ultimate task.

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Although Latin America is already a favorite spot for remote workers, there are certain places that seem a bit undiscovered, offering a unique daily life while still providing all the creature comforts that a digital nomad needs to work efficiently. 

From beaches, islands, cloud forests, and other exotic locations, Latin America has a lot of different kinds of places to explore.

While the winter season is not perfect for all countries, there are certain months when specific destinations stand out. 

Beautiful Caribbean houses over the water in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Insider Tip: While all the places listed have stable wifi, keeping a local SIM card topped up and traveling with a portable charger is advised, as any bad weather could knock power out no matter the season. 

Here Are 6 Unique Latin American Towns That Are Perfect For Digital Nomads This Winter:

Monteverde, Costa Rica 

The mega-popular country of Costa Rica has been gaining more attention recently as being a great option for all kinds of travelers, and digital nomads are no exception. 

While you could choose one of the many idyllic beach towns Costa Rica offers, those looking for a more unique home base should look inland to the center of the country. Home to cloud forests, hilly towns, foggy weather, and epic sunsets, Monteverde is a great place for a digital nomad. 

When to go for the best weather: Monteverde’s dry season starts in December and lasts through May. A visit in November will likely result in rainy days but a very green lush landscape. 

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Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua 

One country that is very underrated as a travel destination and a remote working spot is Nicaragua. Once plagued by bad headlines and scary travel warnings, this stunning and diverse country offers many places to explore and enjoy. 

If you meet a traveler on a Latin American trip, they will likely tell you that Isa Ometepe is the one place they can’t get over, and it’s easy to see why after a visit. 

This island must be reached by a ferry, and while the ride isn’t the most luxurious, it’s very much worth it. Ometepe has one town, although staying in the smaller villages might offer a more authentic vibe. The internet on Ometepe is surprisingly stable, and aside from a terrible storm, you are unlikely to have issues. 

When to go for the best weather: November through May is the dry season here, although being an island rain is not out of the question at any time. 

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Roatan, Honduras 

While tourism to Honduras might not be as common as its neighboring countries, the island of Roatan is the one place that many people do visit. As one of the world’s more famous diving destinations, Roatan is idyllic even for those that stay above the surface.

Located about 40 miles from the coast of Honduras, this Caribbean island is much less commercialized than many others you can find in the area. However, wifi and utilities are stable, and co-working spots and coffee chops all welcome the laptop lifestyle. 

When to go for the best weather: Being an island so far from the coast, the weather here can be hard to track. Generally speaking, the rainy season falls between October and January, meaning you should add Roatan to the end of your winter digital nomad itinerary. 

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Bocas Del Toro, Panama 

Panama is quickly moving onto the wishlists of digital nomads and travelers from all over the world, and while many come to see the Canal, most stay and explore the many other highlights that the country offers. One region that is unique and exotic is Bocas Del Toro, set just under the border from Costa Rica. 

The islands, beaches, and towns that make up this archipelago are all distinctly their own, and while the main town might have a more backpacker vibe, head to Isla Bastimentos for a more laid-back, bungalow over-the-water experience.

You might think these islands that you need to use water taxis to reach might be disconnected, but the internet is surprisingly good here. 

When to go for the best weather: The dry season here starts a bit later than the others on this list, meaning you should head here later in the winter, preferably after January.

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Antigua, Guatemala 

The country of Guatemala is gaining more recognition among the travel community, and locations such as Flores, Lake Atitlán, and Antigua are quickly cementing their places as favorites.

The colonial city of Antigua is a destination that has to be seen to be believed, with the colorful buildings lining the cobblestone streets, all in the shadow of the imposing Acatenango Volcano. 

Only about an hour from Guatemala City, Antigua brings you back into the past, although the many Western restaurants and fast food chains can help even the most intrepid fit nomad feel at home. Modern amenities here are easy to find, with nice apartments and high-speed internet in abundance. 

When to go for the best weather: November through April is the official dry season, but Antigua’s weather is always a bit unpredictable, given that it lies at the foot of a volcano. Even in the rain, this city is dreamy. 

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Suchitoto, El Salvador 

Another highly underrated country in Latin America is El Salvador. Much like Nicaragua and Honduras, if you have seen El Salvador mentioned on mainstream media, it likely was not for a good reason. 

The reality is that the recent change in leadership has left the country safe for travelers, so long as they practice safety precautions.

While San Salvador is an obvious choice for digital nomads looking for a big city lifestyle, those who are seeking a more authentic and unique vibe should head to the country’s old capital Suchitoto.

This small and laid-back colonial town is well-preserved and offers some great views and local flavor. While there is not a lot to do here if you are looking for a social scene, it could be a good place to set up shop and kick back for a bit. 

When to go for the best weather: November through March is the dry season here, and although November might result in some downpours, you can find cheaper prices. 

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