4 Reasons Why This South American Country Is Perfect For Solo Female Travelers

4 Reasons Why This South American Country Is Perfect For Solo Female Travelers

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For solo female travelers in South America, Argentina is one of the best countries to add to your itinerary.

There is so much to experience in Argentina: city life and culture in Buenos Aires, wine tasting in Mendoza, outdoor adventures and hiking in Patagonia, natural beauty at Iguazu Falls, and much more.

Argentina is currently on track to have one of its best years ever for tourism, meaning that the country is exploding in popularity right now.

Here’s what makes this South American country perfect for solo female travelers right now:

Woman in Argentina

1. Safety

Argentina is one of the safest countries in Latin America at the moment.

An increase in crimes and civil unrest in countries like Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru this year has made many travelers wary, especially women traveling alone.

Destinations that were previously considered safe in South America have earned a less savory reputation this year.

Patagonia Argentina

However, despite ongoing economic troubles in Argentina, the country retains more safety and stability than many other places in South America.

Argentina ranks among the top five safest countries in all of Latin America and is one of the safest countries in South America, along with neighbors Uruguay and Chile.

2. Budget-Friendly

Argentina’s ongoing economic troubles mean that U.S. dollars (and other foreign currency) are in high demand and that tourists can access preferential exchange rates.

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Argentina Currency

Last year, the introduction of the MEP exchange rate made it easier than ever for tourists to access a favorable exchange rate almost on par with that of the unofficial “dólar blue” rate. This allows you to get a better exchange rate (almost double that of the official rate) by paying with Visa credit or debit cards.

You can also get cash at the “dólar blue” rate through Western Union locations in Argentina. The value of the dollar is stretching further than ever before in Argentina right now, making it one of the most affordable destinations in South America for budget-conscious solo travelers.

Tourist in Buenos Aires

3. Ease Of Travel

Another reason why Argentina is a great destination for solo female travelers is because of the ease of travel throughout the country.

With solo travel on the rise, many women are venturing out for their first international trip alone. Argentina is a good destination for first-time solo female travelers because it’s more developed, easy to navigate, and has a solid tourism and transportation infrastructure in place.

Puerto Iguazu Falls with tourists on a boardwalk overlooking the falls

Whether you are zipping around on the subway in Buenos Aires or taking a quick domestic flight to Mendoza, Córdoba, Bariloche, or another destination, it’s easy to get around in Buenos Aires. There are also plenty of tour operators to choose from if you’d prefer to travel with a group for some activities.

Although it’s helpful to know some Spanish, especially in rural areas, it’s also possible to get by speaking English in Buenos Aires and popular tourist destinations in Argentina.

Patagonia Argentina

4. Work Remotely

Along with solo trips, living and working remotely has become a major travel trend in 2023. Whether it’s for a short-term “workcation” combining work and leisure or a longer stint as a digital nomad, Argentina is the perfect place for solo female travelers to live and work remotely.

Buenos Aires is a major digital nomad and expat hub, so it’s easy to make friends and meet other travelers and locals alike.

Palermo Buenos Aires

Argentina is also a good place to work remotely as a North American because the country is in a similar time zone to much of the United States (it’s one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time.) This means you can start your workday an hour or two late but still finish up at a reasonable hour.

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