5 Reasons This Underrated Country In Europe Is A Great Budget Destination

5 Reasons This Underrated Country In Europe Is A Great Budget Destination

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As travelers, we’re all on the lookout for destinations that don’t quite break the bank.

Shamelessly galavanting around the world can rack up the bills — but so does eating out each day if you’re not in a budget-friendly destination. 

Countries such as Greece, Portugal, and Spain are meticulous about raising their prices amid the busier seasons, so there’s a lot to be said about the less-visited destinations that keep their prices stable year-round (probably why they attract backpackers!).

Woman in poland street

Eastern Europe is known for having half the prices of Western Europe when it comes to accommodations, food, drinks, and even shopping.

If you’re on a budget, this is a huge draw when you want to money-save on the road.

A country full of life, beauty, culture, and dark history, Poland is an excellent choice for travelers looking to explore the grandeur of Europe on a budget. With charming cities, a long history, and exceptional mountain views, Poland has something for all.

Train Travel

Everyone knows that the best way to venture through Europe is by train or bus, and luckily there are affordable routes throughout Poland. A new report posted by the environmental group Greenpeace revealed that train tickets in Poland are some of the cheapest across the continent.

Within the country, it’s very budget-friendly to travel to various cities via train travel. Given its location, it’s also quite affordable to visit neighboring countries such as Germany, Czechia, and Slovakia.

poland city

Cost of Food

Overall, Poland is just generally cheaper than most other parts of Europe. The Polish believe in a hearty meal: and you’ll certainly get your money’s worth here. Order any dish, and you’ll get enough to feed a family. A whole chicken in a grocery store could cost you between $2-3.

If you want to try the local beer, it’ll cost you around $1 (Try the Zloty- it’s the best). Imported beers on the other hand will set you back between $2-4, depending on what you get.

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krakow city

The staple in Poland is a good old pierogi dish, and you can get a good dish for around 1-3 euros. 

Grocery shopping in Poland is also known for being a lot cheaper than other Western countries. If you really want to save money, do a little shopping here for some of the best foods. 

view of street in poland

Affordable Accommodation

Popular cities in Poland are obviously going to be a little more pricey than others; however, the cost is still way more affordable than popular hotspots in Europe as a whole. Across the country, you can expect to pay around 35-40 per night, depending on when you visit.

Airbnbs are also pretty cheap, and hostels will set you back a mere $12-20 per night. Even the fancier hotels are still more within budget than other cities around Europe. If you’re looking to really save, then get an apartment with a few people — you’ll thank me later!

Young woman on a sunny day in Poland copy

Budget-Friendly Activities

Smaller museums around Poland are pretty affordable if you want something to do during the day. The more popular, larger museums still only cost around 8-10 euros to enter.

The Old Towns scattered throughout the country are free to walk around and sight-see, and many other sights are also free of charge. The grounds of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial are free for visitors, and usually you’ll only pay if you need a guide to show you around and drive you there.

Wawel Castle during the Day, Krakow, Poland

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