Embrace the cold this summer

Embrace the cold this summer

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Brits love to talk about the weather almost as much as they like to complain about it, but when the warmer weather finally arrives the majority of the population welcomes it with open arms. But, what about those who hate the heat and yearn for winter weather and a cooler climate all year round?

WeRoad, the solo travel experts, have curated a list of the ultimate destinations for Brits to escape to and immerse themselves in colder climates. Whether seeking an intense freeze or a refreshing spring climate, there is an enticing option for every winter enthusiast.

WeRoad Recommends:

Ecuador and Amazon – Experience Cool Delights
Surprisingly, the Amazon can offer a welcome respite for Brits wanting to escape the UK Summer.  With Ecuador’s cool and dry weather, this captivating destination boasts awe-inspiring landscapes and a vibrant array of wildlife.

Don’t miss the chance to explore Cotopaxi National Park, home to one of the world’s largest active volcanoes, and bask in the crystal-clear waters of Laguna Quilotoa. (Join WeRoad’s Ecuador and Amazon tour to witness these wonders first hand)

Madeira – The Island of Eternal Spring
Spring is eternal on the Island of Madeira with its year wide mild temperatures. The weather may be average but the island itself is far from it, be enchanted by panoramic views from the island’s highest point, Pico Ruivo and take a refreshing dip in the natural pools of Porto Santo.

Don’t miss the ethereal beauty of the Floating Garden in the Atlantic – it truly defies description. (Join WeRoad’s Madeira tour to witness these wonders first hand)

Norway – Where Summer Sunlight Never Ceases
For those seeking the ultimate escape, Norway is an unrivalled destination with up to 18 hours of sunlight per day in July. Despite July being one of the countries warmest months temperatures rarely rise above 22 degrees making it perfect for Brits after a milder (and less excruciating) Summer.

Don’t miss exploring the captivating Lofoten archipelago, situated beyond the Arctic Circle at the 68th parallel, and be mesmerised by its untouched beauty and breathtaking vistas. (Join WeRoad’s Norway tour to witness these wonders firsthand)

Baltic Republics – A Fairytale Wonderland with Endless Daylight
The Baltic Republics are straight out of a fairytale with their ancient castles and medieval palaces. With up to 15 hours of daylight, this region offers an enchanting blend of rich history and architectural wonders.

Don’t miss the vibrant city of Riga, renowned for its colourful and creative ambience, which beautifully complements the UNESCO World Heritage Art Nouveau architecture. (Join WeRoad’s Baltic Republics tour to witness these wonders firsthand)

Alaska – Glacial Exploration and Unforgettable Adventures
Alaska has become a preferred destination for those seeking glacial exploration rather than sun-soaked beaches. Choose from a variety of cool (and cold) excursions, such as flying in a seaplane alongside a glacial waterfall, dog sledding on a glacier via helicopter, or embarking on an adventure kart expedition through the wilderness. Clearly, these experiences surpass the simple act of building sandcastles. With an average temperature of 15°C in August, embrace the coolness of Alaska’s natural wonders.

New Zealand – Winter Magic and Majestic Landscapes
July is the heart of New Zealand’s winter season, providing a unique opportunity to witness stunning snow-capped landscapes and partake in thrilling winter activities. Enjoy fewer crowds, allowing for a more peaceful experience at popular attractions and outdoor adventures. The vibrant cities of Auckland and Wellington offer a wealth of cultural events, art exhibitions, and culinary delights to indulge in during the winter months.

Don’t miss the chance to cruise through Milford Sound, where snow-capped peaks and misty waterfalls add to its dramatic beauty. Keep an eye out for seals, dolphins, and penguins, as they grace the picturesque fjord with their presence.

Justyna Chlopecka, UK Marketing Manager, WeRoad said: “Summer is always a popular time for travel but alongside our top Summer sunshine destinations, we’ve also seen a rise in interest of Brits seeking to escape the heat and book cooler trips.”

“WeRoad’s extensive list of destinations across the world allows both sun chasers and snow seekers the chance embrace the world of solo travel and jet off on the trip of a lifetime all year round.”



The post Embrace the cold this summer appeared first on Travel Daily.

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