Let’s take a look at what the benefits of buying something less than the Best Travel Insurance for your trip or vacation might be. I’m sure we can find some reasons for purchasing the cheapest insurance.

I’m not going to get into what the various premiums are because there are literally hundreds of companies and plans out there. I will however look into the benefits and pitfalls of purchasing Cheap Travel Insurance… You know, I just spent a lot of time trying to figure out just exactly what the benefits are when you buy the cheapest insurance available and I can honestly say I can only find one benefit. You save a little money, nothing else! You see, when you buy the cheapest insurance you get what you pay for, a lot less than when you purchase the best travel insurance for your vacation or trip. Sometimes cutting corners can hurt you, not help you. The pitfall of the cheapest is always you may not get what your really need. So be careful when you get your travel insurance because you could be talking about your health and maybe even your life.

So I guess what I’ll do is talk a little bit about what the best travel insurance for you might be. This depends, of course, on where you are going, what you are going to do when you get there and what you are comfortable with as far as insurance benefits are concerned. Let’s look at what might be a typical vacation for a couple, not everyone of course, but a typical one.

Let’s take a vacation to Nassau, Bahamas. You’ll love it there, lot’s of sun, beaches and even casinos. If you’ve never been there you will really enjoy laying in the sun on some really beautiful beaches and eating some really, really good seafood. Then there are clubs and casinos, lots of activities to keep you busy. But I digress, back to what you came here for. This type of vacation doesn’t involve anything dangerous just flying there and enjoying yourself for a weekend or for a couple weeks. The best travel insurance for you might be what is called a travel medical insurance plan, it good plan should cover any medical expenses that might come up as long as you have selected a plan maximum that is sufficient, probably at least $100,000. Pretty much anything that could happen will be covered and the price isn’t bad at all, about $33 for an eleven day vacation for a couple (man-32 and woman-30). How’s that for getting the Best Travel Insurance for your vacation. A whole lot better than getting the cheapest you can find. The only thing not covered is the cost of the trip (trip cancellation) but you can get a rider to cover that for about 4% of the pre-paid cost.

Sorry I couldn’t really find any benefits if you get cheap travel insurance except for maybe saving a little bit. But when you look at the cost for the Best Travel Insurance for your vacation or trip it’s really not very costly at all. Of course the cost can depend on the type of trip or vacation you are taking but we’ll go over other types of trips/vacations in another article.

Source by W K Vandiver

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