The description "cheap" often has a negative connotation when it comes to hotels because people assume that "cheap" means small, sparse, and probably not even well-cleaned and well-staffed.

Thankfully, such is not the case in Dubai. It is quite possible to book a good hotel for a price that won't break the bank. As much as possible, one should book a hotel that is rated three stars or higher. One-or two-star hotels are generally not worth it because the facilities are not as good, yet a night's stay is priced as high as that asked of a three-star hotel.

Dubai hotels are well-equipped, spacious, and clean. Most of the time, price differences arise only due to location. Hotels are cheap when they are a little farther away from the city center, and become more expensive the closer they get. Dubai used to be just a vast desert, but now is an important center for trade and commerce in the Middle East. Businessmen who flock to the city naturally need to be at city center for convenience; likewise, tourists visit the city for its amazing structures and not for natural preserves. There is a high demand, therefore, for city center hotels.

Thanks to the Metro Line, however, the question of location need not deter the tourist who is looking for a cheap hotel in Dubai. For instance, some highly reviewed hotels are situated quite far from city center, though are close to a market and serve good breakfast. But at only USD90 for a single room per night, the five-minute drive to the Metro Green Line station is well worth the consideration. These hotels are also best for those looking for some peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

At the city center, though, a cheap hotel would have prices ranging from USD200 to USD400, though hotels located closer to the Dubai International Airport are a little more cost-efficient. The difference between the Millennium Plaza and Millennium Airport Hotels is one such example.

To get a cheap hotel in Dubai, it is also good to check out hotel packages and deals. A premium room may be a little more expensive, but if it includes free breakfast buffet and free WiFi, then you should consider how much you will be able to get your money's worth from such perks.

Often, the tax recovery charges and fees are not yet included in the displayed rate, so make sure to add those to the actual calculation for the actual rate per night per stay before proceeding on your booking.

Source by Robert Corson

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