Spain is a country rich in all aspects like art, culture, beauty and weather conditions. Spain attracts plenty of tourist attraction and each year millions of people travel to this beautiful and stunning country to have an experience of a lifetime.

While visiting Spain in the summer season, you can visit the southern parts of the country for better weather. Spain has abundance of natural beauty and you can see a variety of wildlife at any of the National Parks. There are plenty of activities that would certainly appeal greatly to nature lovers. There are hiking trails and jeep expeditions organized especially for tourists and they will take you to beaches, mountain peaks and beautiful coastal areas. Spain is also home to many scarce species of animals and plants. Some of the most beautiful and stunning national parks of Spain are:

1. Tablas de Daimiel
2. Coto de Donana
3. Ordesa
4. Monatana de Covadonga

The lively and stunning city of Madrid is the capital and undoubtedly one of the most vibrant cities of this country. While in Madrid you must visit the three art museums that are the pride of the city. The Prado, The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and The Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza have superb collections of arts and painting from all periods of times. The Royal Palace and the Plaza Mayor are two of the most historic and exquisite places of Madrid and have displayed valuable collections.

Andalucia Ceuta is popular for its legendary Arab architecture and has some of the most beautiful places in Spain. It is an important site as it is rich in minerals and a growth land of olives and citrus fruits. Seville is a city that has a great history of Moorish conquest of Spain. The traces of that time period can be clearly seen in the architecture of the whole place and some of such architectures are fortress of Arab kings and Mudejar.

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Source by Shumaela S Rana

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