Egypt has always been one of the top destinations for luxury honeymoon or an interesting and enjoyable vacation. The Egyptian culture has over six thousand years of recorded history, which holds a lot of interest and mystery until now. Going on a vacation in Egypt resorts and enjoying Egypt Hotels' 5 star treatments give you an unforgettable retreat into a magical and culturally rich atmosphere.

For people looking to celebrate the beginning of a marriage, here are some of the best Egypt hotels for luxury honeymoon:

The Mena House Oberoi, Cairo
Cairo, Egypt's capital city, holds a lot of mystique. The Mena House Oberoi is one of the best places for a luxury honeymoon because the hotel itself can be described as palatial. Set on a sprawling property of 40 acres of emerald green lawns, the hotel enjoys a rich and colorful history. The opulent Mena House has hosted several kings, emperors and other foreign dignitaries. The quality of the hotel's service is unrivaled in all of Egypt's resorts and hotels. Each room is designed with beautiful traditional elements and the attention to detail is very impressive. The murals on the wall, the fine upholstery, hand-carved screen panels, and arched windows are a visual treat that makes your stay in Egypt as authentic as possible.

Al Baben Hotel
If you want to enjoy a secluded and more laid back luxury honeymoon in Egypt, another good option is the Al Baben Hotel located near the Siwa Oasis. From the hotel, you can see the many mud-brick buildings, the temple of the Oracle of Amun, and the body of water that's a striking contrast to the desert sand and dunes around the area. The rooms are luxurious but at the same time quite rustic in design. Tucked away at the heart of Siwa, this oasis has served as a place of refuge for travelers passing through the area for thousands of years already. The hotel affords travellers and honeymooners a little piece of Egypt's history. One thing you'll also enjoy at the Al Baben is the fact that the restaurants here serve exemplary local cuisines. If you want a comfortable, luxurious, and a distinctly Egyptian experience, the Al Baben Hotel is the best choice for you.

Steigenberger Nile Palace
At the heart of the historical district of Luxor, Egypt sits the Steigenberger Nile Palace where you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing vacation while also enjoying one of the world's greatest cultural treasures. Luxor is the site of the ancient city of Thebes and is called as the world's greatest open-air museum. Immediately opposite Luxor is the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens which thousands of international tourists visit each year. Staying at the Steigenberger Nile Palace puts you at the center of all the excitement that has made this ancient city famous through the years. Visit the Luxor Temple which is a large temple complex dedicated to Amun, Mut, and Chons. Wonder at the gigantic statue at the temple entrance, the carvings on the walls, the well-preserved sphinxes that line the roads, the Obelisk, and many other attractions that are so much a part of the history of Egypt.

Visit the Valley of the kinds and Queens which are a series of tombs constructed for the powerful pharaos, their wives, and other powerful dignitaries of Egypt are buried. Another large part of the Egyptian history is mummification. Visit the Mummification Museum of Luxor to get an understanding of the process, to look at interesting artifacts like Canopic jars, mummified animals, amulets, and more. There's so much to explore in Luxor and the Steigenberger Nile Palace gives you a comfortable place to rest as you explore this historic area.

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