If you are traveling on a budget to see New York City there are some good options available which you can consider for your sightseeing purpose. New York City Double Decker bus tour is one of the best options to see the whole city in the shortest time. These tickets can be booked online and you can take a print out. If you don’t have a printer to print out immediately you can get the ticket by email and get a copy of that later. When you arrive in the city, showing this internet booking ticket voucher, you can pick up the actual ticket from any of their offices mentioned on their website. By booking online, you can also save $ 5 on each ticket. So if you are going as a family, just calculate and see how much you can save.

There are different types of tours available, such as Uptown tour, Midtown tour, Brooklyn tour etc. Each tour covers different areas. If you are interested to visit places like Central Park and Zoo, Harlem, Lincoln Center, Museum of Modern Art, Museum of the City of New York, Cathedral of St. John’s the Divine etc., you can choose Uptown tour. They take you to all these places.

Downtown tour will take you to places like Times Square, Empire State building, Rockefeller Center, Little Italy, China Town, Soho, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Top of the observation Deck, etc. and of course the New York City lights.

For going towards Brooklyn side, Brooklyn tour takes you to see Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn and Prospect Park, Grand Army Plaza etc.

The above tours are on Double Decker buses and the guides are very knowledgeable. The view of the city from the bus is great which allows you to capture good photographs from the bus. These tours are really memorable. These buses are called “Hop on, Hop off”. It means you can hop on any stop and hop off any stop to explore your own or do some shopping. Later you can come back to the stop and take any other bus. Since there are many buses in operation one need not wait for long time to get another bus.

Source by Lakshmi Menon

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