Looking for a hotel in Puerto Penasco, also known as Rocky Point Mexico? You have a wide selection from budget to high-end resort. Here's an overview of where to find most accommodations across this Sonoran beach town.

El Mirador – A traditional party area immediately southeast of the rocky hill above the Old Port. This is the location of several bars including the infamous Manny's Beach Club. The beachside RV parks here are rapidly being replaced with condominiums. In addition to condominiums, there are a few mid-range and budget hotels in the area.

Old Port – This is the hook of land south of the boat harbor. It features a vibrant seafood market, restaurants, souvenir shops, a beautiful seafront boardwalk (or malecon) and a few hotels. There's no beach, but wonderful views of the Sea of ​​Cortez and the Sandy Beach area.

Downtown – There are several motels scattered throughout the main town of Puerto Penasco. You're inland here, but the beaches are a short drive or taxi ride away. There are several banks, grocery stores, bakeries and restaurants around here.

Penasco del Sol area – The hotel Penasco del Sol was formerly the Plaza Las Glorias. This area, at the west end of Calle 13 (southeast end of Sandy Beach) offers cafes, souvenir shops, bars, quad rentals, condos and some hotels. To the west is the curving line of Sandy Beach.

Sandy Beach – Not too long ago, Sandy Beach was open camping and got a little crazy at times with spring breakers and other party-hearty youth. Now, big bucks have taken over and there are a slew of upscale resorts and high-rise condominiums taming the sands. This is where you go if you want to spend some money. Area activities include quad riding, golf, banana boat rides, ultra-light aircraft rides and lounging poolside.

You can also find homes to rent within Puerto Penasco and in the outlying areas. Cholla Bay, Las Conchas and Playa Encanto are just some of the areas with available home rentals.

Source by Scott Lunt

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