The Bordeaux region of France is one of the most luxurious places on earth. Surrounded by fine food and wine, you'll forget what daily life back at home is really like. Finding a great luxury hotel in Bordeaux is essential. Let us help you make sure you get the best hotel in all of France.

The region of Bordeaux is full of history. Most of the luxury hotels in Bordeaux, therefore, are older, historical and built right into the scene. Consider booking one of these places for your stay. You'll be surrounded in luxury the whole time you're there. One option is to stay in a lovely French mansion. These accommodations are always lavish and decorated in the most ornate French styles imaginable.

If you are truly looking for the most sumptuous of stays in Bordeaux, consider booking a stay in a castle. Although you'll have to book well in advance, there are castles available for accommodations. This accommodations option is truly the creme de la creme of luxury hotels in Bordeaux and your one chance to feel like true royalty in an authentic castle.

Our final option for luxury hotels in Bordeaux is to select a well-known hotel chain. This is a great option for those individuals who aren't interested in having any surprises on their trip. There are many hotel chains in the area to choose from. These are also available in a wider range of prices than some of the other choices, making them more affordable. And they offer all the comforts of home with familiarity and consistency.

Source by Sarah Freeland

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