For many people, a vacation just isn't a vacation without 5-star accommodations. If you are looking for luxury hotels in Australia, then you have come to right place. Here are some of the finest hotels available in Sydney, the largest and most visited city in New South Wales:

  • Westin Hotel Sydney: one of the finest hotels in Sydney, the Westin offers the best in vacation living. Surrounded by the best shopping, restaurants, and cultural attractions the city has to offer, a stay in the Westin is truly an experience of comfort and luxury.
  • Medusa Boutique Hotel: located in the fashionable suburb of Darlinghurst, the Medusa is considered the most private and reclusive hotel in Sydney. Offering an urban chic-like atmosphere, the accommodations are both beautiful and stylish. One of the biggest benefits offered at the Medusa: it is one of the only luxury hotels in the city which allow canine guests.
  • The Blue Hotel: owned and operated by the Taj Group, this unique hotel is situated in an old wharf building right on the harbor and is considered one of the hippest hotels and hotspots in Sydney. It is a great place for visitors seeking a unique adventure.
  • The Observatory Hotel: named Sydney's top flight hotel in 2006, the Observatory Hotel is the city's most renowned and awarded hotel. Offering just about any luxuries you may want, one of the establishment's most touted amenities is its 20 meter heated pool which features a replica of the constellations in the ceiling using high-quality fiber optic lights.

While there may be dozens of luxury hotels in and around Sydney, you will not be disappointed if you decide to stay in any of the ones listed above.

Source by Ed MacDonald

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