Today, there is no specific definition of luxury, especially when you are talking about hotels. Everything has a “luxury” element in it, starting from the detergents to a coffee blend. But, to an experienced traveler, luxury hotels have entirely different meaning. To them, leisure means something very indifferent and specific.

How Can You Judge Whether A Hotel Is Luxurious Or Not?

The hospitality department mostly considers the star rating of a hotel before giving it the luxury tag. As there is no specific standard set for a “luxury hotel”, both five-star and four-star hotels can use this tag with their name. Guests pay extra charges for enjoying this leisure and thus, they have the right to expect standard services in room, dining as well as ambiance that every good hotel offers.

What to Expect From a High-Class Hotel?

An Easy and Smooth Reservation Process:

Simple and easy room booking and reservation process, such that customers do not face any hindrance. Whether you are booking via phone, agent or online the entire process should run smoothly without creating any inconvenience and misunderstanding. They should sound polite and try to help you in every possible way.

Fast Check-In and Checkout Procedure:

Waiting in a long queue even when you are paying extra money for leisure and comfort is just not expected in a luxurious hotel. Spending half of the day in the check-in and checkout line is something that makes the travelers most frustrated. Hotels should have roaming salesmen on the floor that would do the entire check-in and checkout process on their iPads.

The Perfect Room:

They should offer you a room of your choice, something that you actually wished to stay in. A good luxurious hotel will always accommodate your requests about:

• Category of the room

• Physical site like near the lobby or with a water view, first floor or ground, close to the elevators or away from the generators.

• Special amenities like king size beds or something else

Special Features of a Luxurious Hotel Room:

A luxurious hotel room must come with special features. The list is very long, but here are some of essential ones:

• The rooms should look lovely and fully furnished with high-quality and latest design furniture, reading lamps, and torches.

• Rooms should contain a sufficient number of slippers and bathrobe in stock.

• Easy access to the Wi-Fi and other electronic devices like television, air condition and many more.

Definition of the luxurious hotel varies from one person to the other and thus if is your duty to check every small detail about the hotel before booking a room or suite with them.

Source by Rajib KR Saha

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