Zakynthos, or Zante, is maybe one of the least famous islands when compared to more popular destinations of the world that people visit for tourism. This serene Greek isle is located in the Ionian Sea. Zakynthos is the third largest among its neighboring Ionian Islands (Corfu or Kerkyra, Lefkada, Ithaki or Ithaca, Kefalonia and Kythira), in terms of population, land, wealth and tourism. Although it may seem to visitors that Zakynthos is a small island, it’s not as little as it is considered to be. It occupies a vicinity of 410 kilometers per square and its coastline covers 123 kilometer in length. The island’s local tales, state that it acquired its name after the son of the renowned Arcadian leader, Dardanus. In recent times, the island boasts for having a booming tourism industry.

One of the reasons that Zakynthos attracts so many visitors is the number of awe-inspiring hotels. Visitors who have been to the place cannot deny the fact that Zakynthos hotels are famous for their services. These hotels offer all of the amenities that make them unique. From the extraordinary ambiance to the multi-cultural cuisine restaurants, the hotels provide to their guests unforgettable holidays in their amazing facilities. Among the distinctive amenities are the mini bars that are available in the suites. The hotels are vital parts of the island and are close to the beach but they also offer to their guests the added facility of refreshing swimming pools.

Zakyntian hotels are ideal for people who want to escape from their daily frenzied routine. They are bestowed with spa facilities that will help anyone to relax and say good bye to all the physical exhaustion. The pubs and bars inside the hotels are magnets of people who are in search of a vigorous lifestyle. The dynamic atmosphere of the isle makes the place ideal for the fun lovers as well as for the ones who want to relax.

Therefore, do not waste more time thinking about which place to visit. You can’t imagine the secrets and surprises that Zante island holds for you. Moreover, if you want to make a surprise to your loved one, just book now in any of the luxury Zakynthos hotels in cheap prices and relish the most cherishable trip of your life. Traveling is always the best way to enjoy your vacation but a place like Zakynthos makes it even more gratifying.

Source by George Mantas

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