With so many special deals on airfare almost every week, it is tempting to grab a bargain. Once you start to calculate the cost of your full holiday, it is not going to be cheap, especially when you go on a family holiday.

Have you really put into much thoughts on how to find the best hotel rates online? Your biggest holiday expenses are usually spent on your accommodation. Most travel agency will help you find a hotel or resort at a reasonable price without factor into the location of the hotel.

Accommodations that are distance away from places of interest are normally cheaper than those in the center of attractions. The disadvantage of this is the time spent on commuting instead of sightseeing. Forget about booking hotel with travel agents in your local area. With the advancement of technology, you can book the best room with the best rates online anywhere in the world.

Instead of searching individual websites, a comparison website can usually compare hotel rates without you go through many different travel sites. They operate on behalf of hundreds of accommodation chains, so you can get last minutes or discounted rates.

This can really help you save on travel bills.

What are the criteria to look for when booking online?

  • Room rate per night
  • Location
  • Facilities
  • Distance to places of interest
  • Cafes or restaurant nearby?
  • Local shops
  • Shuttle services
  • Public transports

A good reservation website allows you to take a virtual tour of the hotel you are interested in.

Virtual Tour include:

  • Map
  • Overview
  • Room photos
  • Hotel photos
  • Facilities
  • Customer reviews

If the above checklist fit your criteria, then it is time to make a booking.

It is important to book into a hotel that offers reasonable rates, comfortable and close to places of interest.

Source by Larisa Callaghan

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