Paris is among the world’s famous tourist places and it deserves to be the one because of its beauty, glamorous look. Every evening in Paris is different that makes you feel out of the world. Travelers go there to enjoy their life beautiful moments, Collage boys go there to have some fun, newly married visit as the outskirts of Paris is poised with beautiful natural beauty which is best suited for romantic couples.

City of Paris is also very famous for its traditional buildings and old monuments that throw light on the history of Paris. Every one has a specific reason to visit this amazing place but one thing is common that everyone thinks of and that is cheap accommodation.

Thousands of travelers visit monthly and book many hotels but they don’t have any idea where to find cheap hotels in Paris. There are chain of hotels that offers great discount on hotel rooms at great location in an around the city. Booking cheap hotels online not only saves your travel budget but provides you the opportunity to spend it on other travel expenses. You can easily find number of hotels at cheap rates with lots of amazing options where you can choose your hotel by location.

There are various attractions in Paris where you really enjoy your vacation a lot. Eiffel Tower no doubt is world famous attraction, if anyone got a chance to visit Paris the first travel spot would be Eiffel Tower. Then comes Louvre Museum is popular for its famous painting of Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

Arc de Triomphe is a wonderful place in Paris from where you can see Paris city. The view from this point is worth watching, every year around more than 1 million people come to see the Paris from this Spot.

These are the hotels in Paris where you can get the discount rooms are KK Hotel Cayre, Hotel Recamier, Monte Carlo, Promenade Anglais Nice, Westin Paris – Facade. You can easily get hotel rooms online in these hotels; all these are located at the main areas in Paris.

Source by James Crobo

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