The country of Latvia is located on the Baltic Sea and is high on tradition and culture. For tourists there is a lot to see and do in Latvia. From the stunning landscapes of Gulf of Riga to the cascading river streams, pristine lakes and lush woodland … Latvia is staggeringly beautiful. The area of ​​Old Riga is where you would numerous quaint architectural structures. While sauntering and admiring the splendor of this region relax at the road side cafés and kiosks selling yummy snacks. And this is exactly what makes Latvia a hot tourist destination. Not just places of interest, Hotels in Latvia offer excellent lodging experience. Whatever your needs, excuse or requirements it is met by the hotels with utmost prompt.

A beautiful tourist destination, Latvia boasts of many tourist attractions. For instance, Dzilezers-Riebezers Nature Preserve is a natural splendor. With beautiful spots and lakes, this natural reserve is a haven for those looking for some peace of mind. While walking down the walkway you may spot lovely and rare woodland of ash trees. Cesvaine Castle was built during the years 1890- 1897. One of the finest architectural structures, Cesvaine boasts of neo-renaissance interior walls that are embellished with stucco designing and ceiling adornments. Out of 60 odd churches, Apri7u Lutheran Church is one of the many beautiful churches in Latvia. Erected in the 17th century, Apri7u Lutheran has a beautiful interior that includes wooden carvings done on the altar and pulpit. Even the paintings on ceiling and frescos on the walls add an awe inspiring touch to the church.

Aglona Basilica is the most predominant pilgrim site and the chief Roman Catholic enshrine in Latvia. The city also boasts of hosting many special events and festivals that bring many visitors from the entire world over. Among the many famous fiestas celebrated in Latvia is the Baltika International Folk Festival that is celebrated once in three years. The All-Latvian Song & Dance Festival is yet another renamed music festival that unites eminent musician from around the globe. Beside, Latvia also celebrates the Summer Singing Fair's annually and Christmas with great pomp and show.

Hotels in Latvia fall in all price brackets. Ranging from world class luxurious hotels to low cost budget hotels you will find many varieties of hotels in Latvia. You may choose any of the Hotels in Latvia depending upon taste and budget. If you opt for a five star hotel it would be centrally located and offer better services and facilities. But if you are trying to save on money and can do away with an okay enough accommodation then you would find many budget hotels in Latvia. In the vicinity of Jurmala, you can put up at any of the sea side hotels and resorts. Or if you feel like, set up a tent and enjoy the beautiful location of the campsite. Since during festival season a lot many tourist and visitors make trips to the city it is firmly advised that you make prior reservations beforehand so as to avoid any last minute hassles.

Source by Niraj Singh

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