Star Accomodations are synonymous to classiness in the true sense of the term. It depends on the budget of the tourist whether to opt for star or other cheap hotel in any travel destination. The hospitality sector has every category of hotel according to the budget and preferences of travelers or tourists, right from cheap hotels, 3 or 5 star and more.

The more one is ready to pay, the greater is the sophistication granted. With the classification of hotels under stars, tourists would easily differentiate between the amenities provided in one star hotel and another. Luxury hotels are representation of the greatness of luxury and comfort. The business traveler, emissaries, professionals in top positions and international trade visitors more often opt 5 star hotels. The occupancy rate in almost all luxury hotels in cities are 100% during peak seasons and few points lesser during other months.

Facilities provided in stars in terms of food services, spaciousness of the rooms, personalized services, in-room facilities (which may even include spa, etc.), entertaining games, fitness center, swimming pool, conference halls, spas, Jacuzzi, etc . are unparalleled compared to those provided in other hotels. The location matters too; majority of the luxury hotels are located in cities in the most happening places, near airports, outskirts of the city or in close proximity to monuments, beaches, wild life centers, and the like. These hotels do differ in prices; 5 star will cost more than 3 star. Finding 3 or 5 star hotels in any unknown destination is easy with the Internet. Browsing for the right hotels via the search criteria will transport you to a number of online hospitality sites and travel portals like where you can book as per your choice.

Source by Bayo Tahri

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