The Greek islands known as the Cyclades are an island chain that stretches through part of the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey. The island of Santorini has a ferry connection with Athens (Piraeus and Rafina Port) and the other islands in Cyclades and with Crete and is particularly popular for tourists and is a regular stopover point for many of the luxury cruises that meander through the Greek islands for seven or fourteen days.

As a result of these cruises and the relatively high average income of the visitors they bring there are a significant number of Santorini luxury hotels on offer particularly in the islands capital of Fira (where is the main port) which is just a short donkey or cable car ride from the port of the island up a cliff face.

While the journey from ship to the islands capital may not sound particularly luxurious, once visitors have arrive atop the two hundred and sixty foot cliff and are greeted with a view of the natural Caldera that forms and integral part of the islands geological foundation they are often lost for words.

The other main attraction of the island in addition to the breathtaking landscape is the famous Santorini sunset which is spectacular when watched from the top of one the cliffs surrounding the Caldera either from a hotel balcony or one of the many terraces.

Most of the Santorini luxury hotels are especially designed to maximize each room's viewing opportunities of this item of outstanding natural beauty. Either you select to stay in Fira, in Oia or in Imerovigli, the sea views of the Caldera are just marvelous. All these Santorini luxury hotels are built in levels, following the shape of the cliffs. The cuisine on Santorini is also similarly spectacular with most of the Santorini luxury hotels offering their own gourmet restaurant and fabulous local dishes made from the finest locally caught fish homegrown island produce. Santorini island also has extensive vineyards that cover a significant portion of the island and result in some delightful light Mediterranean wines which many of the Santorini luxury hotels showcase for their guests during their stay.

The beaches of Santorini are not like other beaches in Greece. They are much different due to their special geological features. Black and red volcanic pebbles lay the shores of Santorini beaches providing unique ambiance. The Red beach is is one of the most famous beaches of Santorini, located in the south part, near the ancient village of Akrotiri. The cliffs are of red and black colored volcanic rocks, while the sand is black and red as well. Near the Red beach is the White beach which is covered by gray, black and white sand, surrounded by huge white cliffs. The White beach can be accessed by boat only. On the eastern side of the island there are five very popular beaches, the Agios Georgios beach, Perivolos beach (which is the longest black sand beach of Santorini), Perissa beach, Kamari beach and Monolithos beach. All of them are very well organized, with playgrounds, water sports, restaurants, bars, cafes and of course luxury hotels, apartments and rooms.

Source by George N Liakos

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