Everybody associates Barcelona (in the center of Catalonia, Spain) with sun, strand, paella, historical attractions and a relaxed style of living. For all these reasons Barcelona is one of the most attractive holiday resorts in Europe.

If one wants to spend his / her holidays in Barcelona he or she has to make a good planning. Otherwise the dream of some relaxing days will end in a chaos. Here are my tips for a beautiful stay in the Spanish east-coast.

First of all you should have in mind what type of holidays you actually want: Do you want a stay with your wife in a romantic hotel with 4 or more stars? Or do you prefer holidays with your friends with a lot of action like surfing, parties and chicas? A cheap youth hostel could be the right accommodation for your stay. Maybe you are planning to travel with your family? In that case you should think about hiring a nice apartment with accommodations for kids like playgrounds and flumes. Independently of what kind of holidays do you prefer – Barcelona, ​​with loads of possibilities will help you out!

If you looking for culture and sightseeing you should go the Tourist Information and buy tickets for the "Bus Turistic". With these tickets you can make a guided tour to the most attractive spots like the Sagrada Famila, the Parc Güel, Las Ramblas or the Fontana Magica. When ever you want you can jump-off the bus, enjoy the place and jump-on it later, again. You only you have to pay once!

If you are not very interested in sightseeing you probably will not need a "Bus Turistic" – ticket. In this case, a metro ticket, which also is available at the Tourist Information, should be sufficient. Moving by metro in Barcelona is easy. Look for a map and you will catch on intuitively. The only think you must watch out for thievery. Do not keep to much money and other valuables with you, especially not in the metro. If you are wearing a rucksack you have to close it well and to strap it at the front. Doing so, you really can enjoy your holidays in Barcelona.

On http://www.barcelona-on-line.es you will find more information about Barcelona. Besides that information you also can get to know about the places to be like (Attractions, clubs, restaurants, bars and events) and reserve your hotels, apartments or cheap youth hostels.

Source by Herbert Hoffmann

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