If you are lucky enough to be taking a trip to Belgium, there are multiple types of accommodation that is available. You can go with a four or five star hotel if you want the ultimate experience with charm and class. Many of these hotels are parts of a larger hotel chain, while others are boutique in nature. If you want to experience the best accommodations, than you will have to pay the price. You should expect to pay at least two hundred dollars a night for these rooms.

When planning a trip to Belgium you can also choose to save a little money and make yourself feel more at home by staying at a quaint bed and breakfast. These are the best value and experience as you get to sample the local food and meet new people in the area for anywhere from sixty dollars to one hundred and sixty dollars per night. Bed and breakfast accommodations often have a very relaxing, homey feel to them which is perfect for someone who is on vacation.

If you are going on vacation in Belgium and want to save as much money as possible for the amazing attractions and dining, than you should check out the many hostels that are available. These rooms will usually cost you around twenty to thirty five dollars per night, which is the perfect price for anyone on a budget.

One of the popular places to stay in Belgium is the Bedford Hotel & Congress Center. This hotel is easily accessible from all major areas in the city. The rooms are decorated in warm tones with marble bathrooms, mini bars, cable TV, as well as wooden desks. All guests can enjoy the traditional delicious French cuisine and amazing panoramic views of the city while working out in the fitness room. This hotel starts at about ninety five dollars a night.

Source by J Anderson

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