Pretty much surrounded by sea, you'd be forgiven for thinking on first glance standing in Cadiz that you were on a small island. With the Atlantic to one side and Bahia de Cadiz to the other a lot of hotels in the old town will give you an island feel.

Cadiz claims to be the oldest city in Western Europe. It played an important part as a port when the Americas were discovered. Wandering round the narrow streets of the old town gives you the feel of this period very well. The carnival in Cadiz is famous and has been running for centuries. Franco even tried to ban it during his reign but the spirit was kept alive and it is still celebrated to this day.

Cadiz is made up of the old town on the promontory that sticks out in to the sea, and the new town that runs along the beach for several kilometers. The square in the old town is a great place to enjoy a spot of tapas with the locals. The new town can seem rather spread out as they chose to build it along the beach to take advantage of the sea front for as long as possible.

There are plenty of hotels in Cadiz and you will find the most charming accommodation in the old town where most of the options are pensiones. There are plenty of hotels in the new town too catering for local and international tourists alike. If you want to camp though you are looking at a 25km drive to Chiclana.

Source by Anthony Romanski

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