New York City is full of cultural listings like New York museums, galleries, classical & opera, dance, universities, parks, parades & festivals, historic city sites, beaches and gardens. This city has numerous attractions which are a must see for any tourist. New York Tourist attractions offer a unique and diversity of experiences that is unmatched by any other holiday destination. Below some of the popular sight attractions are listed with their detailed information.

Times Square – If you are planning to visit New York, then don’t forget to go to the Times Square. It is also known as the “Crossroads of the World”. It is situated at the Manhattan borough from 42nd street to 47th street and from Broadway to the Seventh Avenue. Now, it has become the landmark of this beautiful city. Some people even called this as The Great White Way”. For New Yorkers, it has become a hub. Here, you will find numerous commercial offices. This area is always filled with shopping stores, hotels, restaurants and theaters. Actually, it is one of the most famous New York Tourist attractions for first timer visitors.

Staten Island Ferry – The Staten Island Ferry offers free rides across the New York harbor. It provides you a glimpse of this city. It is considered as one of the many important New York tourist attractions. This place is fit for younger to older generation of tourists. Times Square is the real treat for tourists who are seeking for a budget traveling. This place is strictly operated by the New York City Department of Transportation. It is quite close to the Whitehall Circle. The ferry arrives and departs on the Staten Island from Saint George Ferry Terminal, which is on the Richmond Terrace very near to the Richmond County Borough Hall and Richmond County Supreme Court. These types of services are offered for the whole day without a single break. Hence, tourists are able to visit this site anytime and enjoy a ride peacefully. It offers the beautiful views of the harbor, the Staten Island Ferry make you feel refreshed.

Metropolitan Museum of Art- There are many reasons to visit Metropolitan Museum of Art. Local people always mention this place when it comes to New York tourist attractions. It has a huge collection of over two million works of art which has been categorized into 19 curatorial departments. The Cloisters is a museum that features medieval art. Management team of the museum has maintained the extensive collections of Asian, African, Oceanic, Islamic, and Byzantine art.

Source by Kelvin Bush

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