Europe Trip Planning as a Method

Even if in this article I am not going to emphasize in the methodology to plan a route in Europe, I want to say that every route you plan for yourself or that you evaluate must accomplish that the distance or time invested in the route is the minimum possible provided certain cities you want to visit and / or that the activities or cities you visit are organized in a logical way. The first part means that your route distance or time must be optimized to the best in order to enjoy more time doing the activities you plan (except if you travel by train, which can be an activity by itself). The second part means that, if possible, you should try to organize the route in an intelligent way, trying to put together cities that have things in common, such as related to the same country.

Europe Trip Planning for a 1 Week Trip

In the case that you have only 1 week available and you want to do a trip to Europe, you are forced to select 3 major cities. Of course you can focus in only one country and visit more cities, but here I take the example providing that you wan to do an international European tour. My recommendation, which comes directly from tourist assessment resources, is to divide your trip between London, Paris and Rome. Certainly you could spend 5 days in each of those cities, but in this case we understand you will spend only 2. Of course you are free to reduce the number to 2 of them and visit each city during 3 days. The route in this case is a triangle and there is no optimization possible, just beginning from the city that has the best flights from your departure airport.

Europe Trip Planning for a 2 Weeks Trip

That's the standard holiday people take to Europe, and it allow you to move further to explore something more than just the 3 typical capitals of Europe. In this occasion, I think the best is to include in your itinerary the cities of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Berlin in Germany and Prague in the Czech Republic. At this point, probably a global train pass would be useful but distances are very big and if you do not take nocturnal trains probably you will not have time to do it. If you choose the plane, always use Ryanair or, if the route is not covered by them, change to EasyJet or German Wings. If you try the normal carriers you will be charged an awful quantity of money. The way this route would be organized is, departing for example from London, going east to Amsterdam and Berlin, then moving south to Prague and Rome in Italy, and finally climbing up again going through Paris before arriving to London.

Europe Trip Planning for a 3 Weeks Trip

We have to admit it: your boss was in a good mood today when you asked him to take your holidays abroad in Europe. Probably he's fallen in love … In any case, now you have the opportunity to explore deeper the different cultures you can find in Europe, possibly one of the most varied continents in the world if not the most. We will add in this occasion the cities of Vienna in Austria, Venice as a second city you must visit in Italy and Barcelona, ​​the most touristic city in Spain. In this case, except the routes from and to Barcelona, ​​the rest of the trip would be economically done buying a rail global pass for Europe.

We would leave from London again, going in the same way to Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague, but then before Rome we would visit first Vienna and later Venice, the city of love. Turning down to the italian capital, Rome, and later taking a flight with Ryanair to Barcelona. Ryanair again will guide you to Paris, and finally you can take the last train up to London.

Europe Trip Planning for a 4 Weeks Trip

For the lucky ones that are able to spend nearly a whole month in my home continent, you can go even a defect and explore more remote regions such as Dublin in Ireland and Budapest in Hungary. Also, adding Brussels to the trip will add more value by discovering the culture of the capital of Belgium. In this occasion, and taking as a reference the 3 weeks route, we will start from London first going up to Dublin and then flying back to Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Another change in the route would be after Vienna: before going to Venice, we will place in between a visit to Budapest, Hungary's capital. Finally, after the visit to Paris, instead of going directly to London a good idea is to first take the train to Brussels. A global rail pass for Europe would also be recommended also for this trip, but certain flights such as the ones to and from Barcelona to and from Dublin should be done by plane.

What about the airfare cost or hotel accommodation?

As I always recommend, there are some websites where you can get travel certificates for free. Some of them will cover up to $ 800 in flights making you pay only $ 80, so you can expect near a 90% discount by using travel certificates for flights. Also for hotel accommodation you can find goo 85% discounted travel certificates in 3,4 and 5 star hotels worldwide. Very few people know about their existence, but it's just a matter of going to the right place. And the question is … Which is that place?

Source by Dani Alonso

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