Dubai is a wonderful destination for holidaying. Whether you are on a family holiday vacation or honeymoon trip or a bachelor trip, the cosmopolitan city has something for everybody. The city hosts the costliest horse races, lotteries, international tennis tournaments, shopping festivals and golf tournaments in the world. So, when it comes to hotels, perhaps Dubai stands top of the world for having the largest number of luxurious and beyond luxurious hotels. For instance the world's tallest and most lavishing hotel, Burj Al Arab is located in Dubai. It is built in the shape of a billowing sail and alighted on artificial platform in the sea. It is the only seven-star facility hotel on earth right now.

So, hotels in Dubai in a simple world can be explained as spectacular. The Burj Al Arab has fountains which change the course of water flow frequently and color pattern changes every minute, has an indoor spa on the top floor, a swimming pool that looks out to the ocean and has a restaurant that is built around indoor aquarium.

Another spectacular hotel in Dubai is the Madinat Jumeirah. This is a group of hotels and villas that is almost like a small village which spans to two miles and buildings interconnected by waterways. There are water taxis that ferry guest to different destinations. When these hotels are talked, it seems they are beyond common man's imagination because of the cost that would be associated with them.

Well, that is off course one factor. If you wish to enjoy the luxury of these hotels, you have to burn holes in your pocket. Dubai is clubbed as one of the most expensive places on earth. The magnitude of the wealth of the city can easily be gauged from the way the city has been built and it's engineering.

Besides these hotels there are hotels that are affordable to your budget. There are many other renowned hotels in the city and suburb which offer luxurious accommodation. They include Hilton Dubai Creek, InterContinental, Sheraton, Al Maha and Hyatt. The range of hotels in Dubai also includes two, three and four star hotels in Dubai. They are relatively cheaper than the luxurious five stars and higher range of hotels. The two and three star hotels offer competitive services and you don't miss out the passion of staying the place. Thus, hotels in Dubai reach out to every kind of traveler in this part of the world.

Source by Helen Brisk

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