The tourist destinations that have been very successful in drawing huge numbers of visitors are not only known because of the beautiful sites they offer, but also for having an adequate infrastructure to accommodate a large number of visitors. Among the necessary infrastructure that needs to be put in place are the accommodations that guests stay in during their visit. If a place does not have adequate accommodations, visitors choose to stay away even if a certain place has some of the most breathtaking sites. One of the places that have been very successful in providing an adequate infrastructure with regard to accommodations is Cancun, Mexico – one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Evidence to the fact that Cancun can accommodate all visitors is the number of available rooms (26,000), spread across different hotels and resorts. Apart from the large number of rooms, Cancun also boasts that these hotels maintain one of the world's highest standards of service. Most of these hotels are located in the Hotel Zone that provides some of the best ocean views in the world.

Hotels that are not located in the Hotel Zone are located downtown and offer some of the more affordable rates in Cancun. Even though they are more affordable, they have some of the best amenities and offer excellent services. For people who stay in these hotels, there are shuttle services to the beaches, so guests need not worry on how they can enjoy Cancun's great beaches. Among the hotels in Cancun, some of the more notable American hotel chains include the Holiday Inn, the Marriott, the Ritz Carlton, the Sheraton, and the Westin.

There is a wide range of choices that visitors can choose from with regard to their accommodations during their visit to Cancun. This is because Cancun has about 26,000 rooms spread across different hotels, which are either located near the beach (Hotel Zone) or downtown. For a more practical choice, downtown hotels are the way to go, as they provide accommodations at more affordable rates. However, lower rates does not mean less amenities and services, as these hotels still provide world class service and amenities that can be found in their Hotel Zone counterparts.

Source by Ken Marlborough

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