It can be hard to visualize or even think in that way, but it is true that the popularity and attraction of Las Vegas is comparatively very new. Vegas is a city to visit if an individual wishes to experience the joys of winning, entertainment and some depression of losing. However, some years back, the area in and around Vegas only included landscapes full of sand and cacti and this scene ran for miles and miles. This scene kept on running for a number of years till Howard Hughes changed the town into what it is now.

Change experienced by Las Vegas Hotels:

In the past four decades, Las Vegas has witnessed a fundamental change. The transformation started with development of huge hotels with large casinos which were adorned with brilliant lights. The lights were there to dazzle any visitor which came in the hotel and this was followed by the master planned community of Summerlin. These changes are a part of the transformation which kept on happening since the 1960s. The changes after that mainly involved developing more safe regulations and more technology was involved so that the casinos and hotels can keep up to the high and small rollers.

Now, budget vacationers can enjoy the facilities of a number of cheap and discounted Las Vegas hotels. This was essential as all tourists didn’t have the finances to afford going to the casinos regularly or to spend a lot of money on the gambling. Moreover, these are one of the best methods to draw a lot of tourists in the city. Many think that cheap and discount state that the services are low class, not adequate, rough etc. But the association of hotels and cheap doesn’t mean that the quality is substandard. In fact, the words discounted and cheap are now heard regularly as many hotels are competing for attracting as many tourists as possible.

Find Cheap off the Strip:

In many cases, the highly luxurious five star resorts and hotels offer their visitors with many discount deals and packages during specific season in a year. Moreover, many hotels like these are located on the Vegas Strip. Casinos are the major reason behind the popularity of the city as Vegas doesn’t witness that much number of visitors which can fill up all the accommodations in the town yearly. The losses which the hotels experience due to the reduction in room pricing is earned back from the casino earnings.

Many think which the best place is to locate discounted hotels in Las Vegas. Vegas strip is not the best place to browse for discounted accommodations. The downtown area is less expensive than hotels on the strip but one has to go off the strip to witness the lowest rates. Tourists can get good packages if they go for the cheap hotels situated off the strip (several miles off). This means that it is a longer commute for regularly visiting tourists, however if one just wishes for some visits to the casino, then a lot of money can be saved. A number of discount offers can be availed in the cheap Vegas hotels off the strip.

Source by Jame Walker

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