Hotels are of different types and classes. There are cheap hotels, 2 star hotels to 5 star and 7 star hotels. Accordingly, the service quality, the hospitality, privacy, food and other amenities vary. However, every class of these rest rooms has their respective advantages and disadvantages. Let us scan through the pros and cons of some of them.

The Pros of Branded Hotels –

1. Extravagant square foot rooms

2. The rooms have a separate living and a bedroom. Besides, there is also a glass enclosed bathroom.

3. LCD TV, DVD, Music player

4. Jaw dropping views

5. Complimentary breakfast, High-speed Wi-Fi, Pick up and drop from the airport in Luxurious cars

6. Exotic Spa and beauty salon

The Cons of Branded Hotels –

1. Very expensive for day-to-day travel for an ordinary middle class person

2. Lack of Privacy is a big drawback and the staff behaves too formally

3. Hidden video and closed circuit cameras might be there

4. Unexpected or sudden room checks

5. Stringent and Rigid Amenities, often not worth the price

You will need a good amount of money to spend one night in a hotel of this stature. Let us take a look at what will the scenario be if you are staying in 2 star hotels:


1. Reasonably priced

2. Great hospitality

3. Special tourist Packages

4. Personalized service

5. The rooms are not as opulent as a 5 star hotel but are considerably comfortable

6. Located near the airport and railway station


1. Usually you won't get any exotic spa or salon

2. Privacy is a concern

3. No separate lounge is there

4. Few 2 star hotels are there that do not offer pick and drop facilities

5. All the rooms do not have a splendid view

There are many affordable hotels that give top-class services yet their charges are reasonably less than a branded resort. You need to remember that, when on a business trip or vacation, people are more concerned about either their work or sight-seeing. In recent times, nonetheless, people do look forward to high-speed Wi-fi facilities for work purpose. Overall, surveys have proved that hardly do people like to waste money over the place they put up. It is only applicable for foreign tourists. In many cases, if you are only traveling to enjoy peace and solitude, then you can opt for a better quality hotel. Therefore, you must always look out for quality things at a fair price.

Source by Swagato Bhattacharjee

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