Aren’t you tired of sitting on those couches that you bought on sale during the holidays? Haven’t you been staring at that same old ceiling before going to sleep for many decades already? Tired of serving yourself when you want to eat something real good? Tired of working your ass out every single day of the week and you want to escape from your typical life even for just a few days? If you do, then here is good news for you. Take a break! You can enjoy and live like a star in one of your most admired celebrity homes for real!

Whoever says that those celebrity homes we see are for our eyes only obviously do not have an idea about this. Many celebrities are offering their vacation homes for rent. You get to enjoy the amenities of the homes of the biggest celebrities. Some even offer full services with a staff that will provide you with your needs.

Live like a movie star in the vacation home of Bruce Willis along the seaside or relax with the fresh air that passes through the house of the famous designer Donna Karan with an amazing view of the ocean. You can enjoy the full view of the ocean in these mansions and have a swim in the warm infinity pools. These houses also come with elite furnishings that you would surely love.

If you are a music buff and a fan of the legendary Frank Sinatra, then his house in Palm Spring would be a great vacation house for you. You can roam in his studio where many of his great hits were recorded. Aside from that, this mansion which was actually built in his time is way modernized. You get to sleep in any of the four bedrooms and enjoy in any of the seven bathrooms it houses. You’ll surely be soothed with the ambiance that this modern house brings.

However, if your idea of a grand vacation is out of the city bright lights and a country feel, Clint Eastwood’s ranch would be a fun experience. This Mission Ranch which he bought years ago is located in California. Offering different accommodation like cottages and cabins, you may experience the great cowboy adventure you long dreamed of. On the other hand, you still get to be accommodated with modern amenities in their restaurants and bars.

Sir Richard Branson’s private get-away can be a great choice if you need a place with privacy and tranquility. This billionaire owns an island in British Virgin Islands which is available for rent when he is away.

All these celebrity homes are fabulous vacation spots you may want to go to especially for those young professionals who need to take a big break from work. Although most of these cost more than any ordinary get-away, you will not regret the experience and the memory you will be gaining after your visit. You can invite your friends to share with the expenses and have a more exciting vacation.

Source by Julio Notter

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