Travel by air is the ultimate mode of fast transport. Today when you want to get from one city to another city at a really high speed, you should look no further than the nearest airport. Since flying to another place is all about speed and convenience, there is no reason that you should get in the line to buy air tickets. In the age of computers and internet, cheap international travel is being promoted through the use of online ticket booking system. Internet based air ticket bookings bring multiple advantages to the table.

First of all, with the internet service, you can book air tickets anywhere. You can book tickets from home, from office and even from the lobby in the airport as long as you have access to a computer or a smart-phone and have a working internet connection. You need not run half way across the city to the airlines office or to the airport itself to book tickets.

Second thing is that online air ticket booking is very fast. If you physically visit the ticket counter at the airport, you will spend time going to the place, stand in the line till your number comes and then travel back to your place. This is nearly a day long work. Add to this the confusion when you have to book flights of different carriers. With internet based air tickets, the booking procedure has been reduced from days to just a few minutes. Just click your mouse button a few times, press some keys on the keyboard and print your air tickets. Now you are ready to go, where ever you want to go.

The third advantage is that internet based air ticketing works out a much cheaper deal. This is primarily because of two factors. First is that with internet based air ticketing there is no travel agent who can claim a commission in the booking. This cost benefit goes straight to the passengers. Another reason is that overall ticketing procedure is completely computerized and automated. Thus the airline company need not maintain a huge paraphernalia of staff. The costs saved here are also forwarded to the passengers in the form of cheap international travel and domestic travel.

Gone are the days when air ticket booking took longer than the actual flight time. Today, the process is faster and much easier as compared to a few years back.

Source by Sameer Dsouza

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