Whether you are planning your holidays in Barcelona as a vacation getaway, or an opportunity to be near family or friends, you will want to plan your trip so you can make the best of it. There is much to see and do in Barcelona, including taking in the beautiful beaches along the Diagonal Mar, or steeping yourself in the customs and traditions of the nearby villages like Barcelonetta, or touring the sights of the city, such as the Cathedral de la Seu, the Quadrat d’or, and the Casa Mila. You will want to arrange lodging that is most suitable to your vacation needs and that is convenient to the activities and sights you are most interested in. There is a way to do this and ensure yourself comfortable lodgings to meet your needs better than a hotel. Consider available apartments to rent in Barcelona.

Varieties to Suit your Needs

Apartments are available in many areas of Barcelona for short-term rent. These are fully furnished apartments, complete with bedding, furniture, and kitchen utensils. Families can choose from alternatives, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three- and four- bedroom, beach, loft, or luxury apartments, depending on the needs of the group. In addition to these choices, you have the opportunity to choose an apartment on the beach or in the city, or something more remote if you would like something quieter and a little removed from activity in the evenings.


Even if you are traveling in a party of one or two, the comfort and convenience of an apartment will far outweigh those of a hotel; a full kitchen affords the opportunity to eat a meal without leaving the apartment or paying for room service. The bed is in the bedroom, meaning that someone can go to bed while another watches television. The living room is furnished with comfortable furniture, and meals can be eaten at a dining table, not on your lap, at the foot of a bed. The convenience is even more apparent if you are traveling with the family, simply by virtue of the space and rooms available.

Holiday travelers have special needs over vacationers and business travelers. They have traditions and celebrations they are leaving behind when they choose to travel at this time. Apartment rentals in Barcelona offer a living space, where you can put up a Christmas tree and exchange presents, or a kitchen where you can prepare a holiday meal and a dining room table where you can enjoy it. There is comfortable, furnished space for entertaining without asking guests to sit all over the beds in a hotel room, and many apartments are furnished with terraces for outdoor entertaining as well.

In Barcelona, during some holidays, the stores and restaurants all close for the day or more. Travelers in a hotel are confined to their room or the hotel lobby and pool, and will have to have planned ahead for meals or pay for room service. Families staying in an apartment will need to plan ahead as well, but will be able to do so with a fully stocked kitchen. They will be able to prepare meals and, if they do choose to spend the day inside, they will be able to relax in a homey, comfortable apartment, together in the living area, or apart in their bedrooms as they wish.

Checking out holds no more responsibilities than checking out of a hotel. While it is expected that the apartment will be left in good condition, there are no extra cleaning responsibilities or laundry duties expected of tenants. Facility employees will clean the apartment after your party leaves and prepare it for the next travelers.

Booking an Apartment

There are a few steps in booking an apartment, but the process is not difficult, and the results are worth the effort involved. Be sure to find a booking agent that is registered. There will be an SL or SA after their name; an internet search will give you a number of agencies to choose from. Consider where you would like to stay. Some travelers want to be within walking distance of restaurants and activities, whiles others may prefer a beach area. Be sure to communicate this to your agent. Also consider the members of your traveling party: Are there children or senior citizens? Do you need a handicap accessible apartment or elevators? Finally, consider how you will be using the space. Do you expect to entertain others, and how much time will you be spending there? Communicate these considerations and needs to your agent, and he/she will accommodate your needs and have your apartment ready when you arrive.

There are a multitude of apartments to rent in Barcelona. The convenience and comfort will make your holidays in Spain enjoyable and memorable.

Source by Elisa Luna

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