Travelers worldwide have different reasons for the trips they take to different destinations. Be it for business, pleasure or just some time to spare for a call to family, friends and loved-ones. We all know that the recent economic trends are not helping make it easier for travelers, specially with an already tight budget. But, indeed, there is aa better way. There is a better deal out there somewhere.

Today's travelers require quite a lot for their money's worth. People who know all about travels have a fixed set of rules, a checklist if you may, when considering a new accommodations facility in their next trip. Location, in-room and on-site amenities, service, security, food and drinks, hygiene, features, attractions, house policies and last, but definitely not the least, Room Rates. The more in-depth and experienced traveler has some kind of formula to apply and the common denominator always has to be the latter – The Rates.

Recently there has been a shift from expensive hotels to the more affordable budget rooms in the choice travelers make. Every destination in the world do not only offer five-star and expensive hotel accommodations. Due to its popularity and demand in recent times, Tourist Inns, Bed and Breakfast Inns, Travel Lodges, Hostels, Apartelles and Motels have been growing, not only in numbers, but in quality and prestige as well.

The reason is quite simple and it all boils down to our common denominator. Room rates offered by Tourist Inns, B & B's and Lodges as compared to the bigger hotel chains make a significant difference. And the impact is quite valid. The impact targets the budget directly. An impact of FIFTY PERCENT (50%) or, in some cases, even more! Imagine a trip for an individual traveler for say a week in a far away place such as the Philippines. Hotel Rooms charge an average rate of US $ 80.00 to US $ 100.00 per day. [published rates on adverts do not reveal the actual costs eg. service charge, tax, reservation fees, credit card charges, etc.] The average room rate at favorite Tourist Inns, B & B's and Lodges is US $ 20.00 to US $ 40.00. Now, there's an obvious reason why smaller accommodations facilities are regaining its slice of the pie – their bite isn't too big!

And the good thing about it is that these smaller establishments, in their efforts to maintain their share in the tourism market, seem to be more concerned and focused in the minutest guest related details. They'd even go out of their way to please a request. They'd usually throw in some item or service for free! and they don't need the approval of an hierarchical management who's general manager is either playing golf somewhere or is the annex building a mile away. Guests want to get what they need and came here for now, asap, ora mismo!

That's precisely the reason why a lot of reviews on travel blogs favor these smaller, but convenient, accommodations establishments over the bigger, expensive hotels. Inn keepers have more time and resources to cater to the needs of a handful of guests than say a manager who has to handle a thousand clients.

This fact is not something new. Tourist Inns, B & B's and Travel Lodges have been here since time immemorial. No doubt about that. The Beekman Arms right at the heart of the Hudson, The old Ferry Boat at St. Clair Yves have been around since the 1600's and the 1100's respectively. They started the industry! Corporate Hotel Chains just grew out of them. We have to give credit to where it's due. These establishments do have a name to preserve. And that's where your top accommodations dollars are going.

Its a fact that rooms take up the biggest chunk off your travel budget. But don't you think its the most important, too? Specially if you're out on a holiday with your family and loved-ones. Wouldn't it be wise to do something to stretch that budget. Go for the smaller establishments, get exactly the same products and services and have a little more extra for food, adventures, water sports, souvenirs and other activities to make your time with family and friends real quality time together.

Next time you plan your trip, search for Tourist Inns, B & B's, Lodges and the like. See what they have to offer. Compare notes as usual. You'll even be surprised these places have more to offer. They usually have the best locations for views and outdoor activities. They usually know more about their locale.

In the Philippines, there's GIC Tourist Inns, Makati. They're all over the net so just search and enjoy!

Source by Lisa Amoro

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