A big night out needs a big place to stay…

When the big day is approaching what the groom may secretly look forward to more, is his stag do. The stag do is an opportunity for the man about to get married to let his hair down for one last time as an unmarried man. Activities might involve a day of ‘manly pursuits’ such as go karting and quad biking or maybe some clay pigeon shooting or paintballing. This can often be followed by a meal and a night out that may or may not include drinking and strip clubs.

As a stag’s friends may not all live in the same city, it is common for stag dos to take place in a city foreign to many in the group and maybe even overseas. This can bring up the problem of finding accommodation for dozens of stags that is both happy for them to be there for a stag do and one that has all the facilities they might want to ensure they have a good time.

Here are some of the options stag dos should have when selecting accommodation:


A cheap option is stay at a hostel. Hostels are much like hotels except with much less facilities. You can often book rooms where you can all stay on bunk-beds together in one room. This can be either great fun and add to the trip or can be a total nightmare, especially if someone in the group is a terrible snorer.


The easiest option is certainly a hotel, as they have many rooms that are close together, room service and other facilities that they might want and hotels are unlikely to have a problem with people being on their stag do, unless they are especially rowdy. It is best to find a hotel that is easy to find in the town you are staying in so that everyone can find it when they arrive and when they want to find it after a night out. The only problem with hotels is that they can be a little expensive.

Places like Novotel Liverpool and other cheap hotels in Liverpool can normally take group bookings and cater for stag dos in particular if you ask in advance.


Possibly the best option is to rent an apartment for everyone to stay in. This allows you maximum freedom with what you use the apartment for, can be cheaper overall as everyone shares the cost and may be most comfortable as you have your own kitchen and living room to relax in together.

Source by Sam Qam

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