Why This Safe South American City Is Surging In Popularity For Digital Nomads

Why This Safe South American City Is Surging In Popularity For Digital Nomads

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South America is home to some amazing destinations for all types of travelers. With many places within distance of a reasonable flight from the U.S., certain cities have become more popular.

Digital nomads are always on the lookout for the next place to go, and South America is an ideal candidate.

nice day in montevideo uruguay

There is one underrated city growing faster amongst digital nomads than anywhere else in South America.

No, it’s not Colombia, Brazil or Argentina. This off-path destination may seem like a world away, but it’s closer than you think. The journey is well worth making this place your new home away from home.

Welcome to Montevideo, Uruguay:

South America’s Safest Country

Not to sound like your Mom, but safety comes first! This should be at the top of digital nomads’ concerns when scoping out their next adventure.

montevideo sign

When deciding to make another country your new home, you’re probably not going to Haiti or North Korea, right?

Some places are safer than others, but travelers should not hesitate to come to Uruguay at all. This country is a well-oiled machine ready to embrace new visitors.

In fact, it boasts the least amount of corruption and the lowest poverty rate, making it one of the top 50 safest countries in the world.

It’s no different for the awesome capital city of Montevideo.

A Gateway To Amazing Destinations

statue in montevideo

Montevideo is the largest city in Uruguay and far easier to reach than one might expect. Given its close proximity to the ever-so-popular country of Argentina, you can actually fly into the neighboring country.

How’s that for double dipping? Argentina is one of the most popular South American destinations for digital nomads, so you can come and go as you please between both countries.

Depending on your flight options, it may be more convenient to fly into Buenos Aires. You can reach Montevideo by ferry in under 3 hours or a longer bus ride as a cheaper alternative.

Of course, Montevideo isn’t just a gateway into its amazing neighbors, Argentina and Brazil. Uruguay is worth visiting all on its own as one of the most underrated gems in South America.

busy promenade in montevideo

A Big City With A Small Town Feel

Montevideo has all you would imagine from a big, historic city set on a beautiful coastline, yet it feels more like a small town.

You can catch locals gathering at the airport simply to watch planes go by or peruse through sidewalk cafes where people are relaxing on the patio.

The laid-back nature is a draw for digital nomads with a perfect balance of city life while maintaining a close-knit community of welcoming locals.

montevideo beach

The city is laid out with well-kept infrastructure, and you will find many locals choosing to walk rather than hop in the car.

Fastest Internet In South America

Besides safety, knowing you will have a reliable connection to be able to work is another top concern for digital nomads.

That should not be an issue here in Montevideo is second only to Dubai for mobile internet speeds.

The city may be off the radar for many travelers, but it’s a technological hub with very advanced infrastructure.

digital nomad at work outside

Beyond fast internet, the city’s variety of co-working spaces makes it even better for digital nomads to find a comfortable place to work.

That is if they want to pass up cheap, delicious coffee often under $3 at one of the city’s many cozy cafes.

Easy Digital Nomad Visa

Uruguay is one of the latest countries to launch a visa for digital nomads. In May, digital nomads jumped for joy with the announcement of a super easy process to receive a visa here.

Those seeking a long-term stay will need a “Hojas de Identidad Provisoria”. Translation: a provisional identity card.

happy digital nomad with laptop

This document will grant access for digital nomads to stay in the country for up to 12 months while also allowing them to apply for permanent residency.

The process is simple. Enter the country as a tourist, then apply for the card and sign an affidavit confirming you have the financial means to live here.

The best part of all is there is no salary requirement, making it one of the easiest digital nomad visas in the world.

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