Travel Daily Media rebrands as Brand TD

Travel Daily Media rebrands as Brand TD

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In the ever-evolving landscape of the travel industry, one thing has remained constant – the importance of a strong and memorable brand. It is the essence of a company’s identity, the first impression that potential customers have, and the lasting image that loyal clients carry with them. Singapore-based travel trade news agency Travel Daily Media (TD) recognises this fundamental truth and has decided to embark on an exciting journey by rebranding as Brand TD, with the tagline “Building Better Brands.” TD will also update its logo across all materials, which will be fully implemented in October.

For over 16 years, Travel Daily Media has been a trusted source of travel trade news in Asia, UK, India, Middle East & USA markets providing industry professionals with the latest updates and insight. As the travel industry evolves and faces new challenges, Brand TD is stepping up its game to help travel companies not only survive but thrive. The rebranding signifies a commitment to the travel industry and a new focus on assisting businesses in creating unforgettable brands and helping drive incremental revenue and customer loyalty.

According to the “godfathers of effectiveness” Les Binet and Peter Field, about 50% of marketing budgets need to be spent on long-term brand building to drive sustainable profits. This is because, in a world inundated with advertising and marketing messages, some brands manage to stand out while others fade into the background.

Brand TD understands these principles and is taking them to heart in their mission to help travel companies create memorable brands. Here’s how:

  • Content Marketing: Brand TD has always excelled in providing valuable content to the travel industry. With the rebrand, they are doubling down on this expertise, offering tailored content solutions that resonate with target audiences. Armed with high-level knowledge in native content advertising and SEO, they know how to tell a story that sticks and ranks high on search engine results.
  • Awards and Networking Events: Brand TD believes in giving recognition to the top companies in the travel industry as well as the incredible people behind them. Brand TD is organising two of the most exciting events in the travel industry: Inspiring Women in Travel (Asia) 2024 and Brand TD Travel Trade Awards 2024. Moreover, Brand TD believes in bringing people together through the company’s signature networking event, Thirsty Thursday.
  • Event Production Services: One of the most effective ways to build a brand is through events. Brand TD is expanding its horizons by organising industry-specific events such as meetings and conferences, themed and gala dinners, and corporate team building to third-party companies. These bespoke events will provide a platform for companies to showcase their brand identity and connect with their audience on a personal level.

“At Brand TD, delivering the latest travel trade news to our audience remains at the heart of our business. However, we’re evolving to offer a broader spectrum of services that will be profoundly beneficial to companies as they embark on the journey of building their own brands. Our commitment to delivering the news remains unwavering, but now we’re also here to guide and support companies in crafting their own memorable brand through events,” says Gary Marshall, CEO, Brand TD.

In rebranding as Brand TD, the company is making a bold statement of its commitment to helping travel companies build better brands and drive revenue. By focusing on content and events, Brand TD is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of branding in the travel industry.

The rebranding of Travel Daily Media to Brand TD is more than just a change in name; it represents a strategic shift towards a more holistic approach to brand building in the travel industry. With a commitment to excellence and a tagline that underscores their mission, “Building Better Brands,” Brand TD is set to empower travel companies to create brand identities that will stand the test of time.

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The post Travel Daily Media rebrands as Brand TD appeared first on Travel Daily Media.

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