Rise in the use of Digital Travel Platforms

Rise in the use of Digital Travel Platforms

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57% of Indians prefer a planned Itinerary and 40% are looking for a connected trip experience. Booking.com recently released its second edition of the APAC Travel Confidence Index 2023. The report provides a deep analysis of the traveller perspective on the travel sustainability equation, travel patterns post the pandemic and digital and leisure travel trends. The survey emphasises the notable increase in the comprehensive utilisation of digital travel platforms for all stages of travel, ranging from planning and comparing options to the actual booking process.

Increasing usage of digital travel platforms
Online travel platforms have become an essential aspect for simplifying and improving the vacation planning process. They have completely changed how people plan, research, and book their travel. Hence, 57% of Indians prefer a planned itinerary and book local travels, places to visit, eateries, etc. in advance. 30% mentioned that they prefer to book only transport and accommodation in advance; everything else can be on the go

Factors considered when choosing a digital travel platform to book travel
Nearly half (42%) of the Indian travellers mentioned that they trust digital travel platforms for their travel but they do consider a few factors before making the booking. Apart from cost, Indian travellers prioritise factors like booking multiple aspects of their trip and flexible cancellation and refund policies when choosing digital travel platforms. 

  • Cost: 50%of Indian travellers survey mentioned that they use online accommodation booking websites or apps to compare prices before booking accommodations
  • Variety of accommodation types:Nearly 40% choose a digital travel platform based on the variety of accommodation options such as hotels, apartments, hostels, resorts and bed and breakfasts.
  • Flexible cancellation and reservation policy:40% of the Indians responded that flexible cancellation and refund policies being offered are another factor they consider while selecting a digital travel platform.
  • Good user experience35%rely on other users’ experiences and reviews on the platform website or app before making the choice.
  • Loyalty Programs24%of the Indian respondents mentioned that loyalty programs being is also something they consider when choosing a digital travel platform.

Additionally, the survey reveals that Indian travellers are now leaning towards digital travel platforms that have the ability to book multiple aspects of their travel. According to Booking.com data, nearly 40% of travellers look for platforms that provide them with the connected trip experience that seamlessly integrates various aspects of a journey, including transportation, accommodations, activities, and services, into a unified and interconnected itinerary. Travellers seek these experiences due to their unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and immersive nature.

As part of Booking.com’s commitment to creating a seamless customer journey across the entire trip planning process, travellers can now book different elements of their trip on the platform from renting a car and arranging a local tour to booking the perfect stay no matter what the destination or budget.

For more information about Booking.com TCI 2023 research and for more details on India please visit the complete report.





The post Rise in the use of Digital Travel Platforms appeared first on Travel Daily.

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