6 Reasons Why This Underrated European Country Is A Year-Round Favorite For Solo Travelers 

6 Reasons Why This Underrated European Country Is A Year-Round Favorite For Solo Travelers 

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With solo travel having emerged as one of the biggest travel trends recently, the list of countries that check the boxes for a solo trip has grown longer and longer.

To add to that ever-expanding list, we have another ideal destination. Let us introduce you to a somewhat underrated country, great in every season, safe, happy, and unique.

It’s time to look at Finland for the solo traveler. 

Woman looking out over town in finland

Here Are 6 Reasons Why Finland Is A Year-Round Favorite For Solo Travelers:

A Compact Capital City 

Finland’s capital city of Helsinki is the world’s most Northern city with over a million people, yet many travelers report it has more of a small-town feel. 

Walkable and compact, you can easily see the sights in this city on your own in a couple of days, and walking tours are always an option if you are looking for a guide or a more social aspect of it. 

Digital nomads like Helsinki because of the co-woking spots, good wifi, a large expat scene, and many places to eat and drink. And while Finland as a whole cannot be described as a budget destination, of course, there are ways to make the most of your money while visiting. 

Helsinki for example is one of the few cities where an Airbnb is still cheaper than a hotel, so make sure you compare prices on accommodation options before booking the first thing you see. 

A woman walks through the center of Helsinki. Finland. copy

Happy And Safe

Finland wins big points with solo travelers for its high degree of safety. The country ranks number 13 on the most recent Global Peace Index, meaning it misses the top 10 safest countries in the world, but not by much. Helsinki also makes the list of top solo female travel destinations for its overall safe atmosphere. 

You may have read about Finland being voted the happiest country in the world, and it’s true that this country takes that top spot year after year. What’s important to remember though, is that happiness doesn’t always imply friendliness towards strangers. 

While the Finns are a happy nation, travelers have reported different perspectives of traveling and interacting with them on a daily basis. While friendly once you get to know them, be prepared that the Finns might be reserved and quiet at first, so manage your expectations accordingly. 

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Year Round Destination 

Finland is one of those countries that is equally as beautiful in the middle of summer as it is in the middle of winter, being Nordic there is more winter activities than you can possibly cover in one trip, and the further north you go the more layers you need to wear. 

Fall in Finland is especially lovely with crisp weather and stunning foliage. Even spring, a time of year when most of Europe is rainy, is often clear and sunny when the melting snow gives way to the lush green across the country. 

Relaxing Woman wrapped white towel in Hot Finnish sauna with a huge wide window enjoying the green forest


Finland’s location in northeastern Europe allows connections to a variety of other fascinating destinations. One popular option is to take the every from the trendy Estonian capital of Tallinn. Ferries also run to Latvia’s Riga, Stockholm, Gdansk, and beyond. 

When it comes to flights, Finland is well connected both within Europe and further abroad. Direct flights can be found to the U.S. for around $600 round trip, and there are numerous low-cost options to European cities daily. 

Multicolored facades of buildings in Helsinki, the capital of Finland

Bucket List Experiences 

Aside from visiting Helsinki, the must-do experiences in Finland mean you need to head to Finnish Lapland. The northern lights are a huge draw here, and the solo traveler can easily join a group to see them. Getting to this area is also easy for the solo traveler, as you simply need to take the Santa Claus Express train to Rovaniemi. 

Aside from the Northern lights, traditional saunas are a great way to soak up the culture (no pun intended), and most are segregated by sex, which is another plus for the solo traveler who isn’t keen on stripping down in front of everyone. 

Ice breaker ships, reindeer, glass-domed igloos, and everything else you can think of can be experienced here, and again tours are available for just about anything you might want to do, meaning the solo traveler doesn’t have to try and navigate any of it on their own if they do not want to. 

Young woman walking with white reindeer in winter forest in Lapland Finland

Good Infrastructure

Finland is easy to navigate and has a very high level of English spoken across the country. While domestic flights are easy enough, renting a car is a good option here as the roads are in great condition and well-marked and maintained. 

Trains also connect the main destinations, and Finnish trains are known to be spacious and comfortable. The cheapest way to get around Finland is by bus, which is reliable and covers more gourd than the train network does. 


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