Silversea on creating unforgettable journeys in Asia Pacific

Silversea on creating unforgettable journeys in Asia Pacific

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Silversea is a luxury cruise line that sets sail with a steadfast commitment to providing exceptional experiences in the Asia-Pacific region. With a rich history spanning several decades, Silversea has established itself as a prominent player in the cruise industry, offering an unparalleled level of luxury, comfort, and personalized service on board its fleet of elegant ships.

Its operations in the Asia Pacific region reflect a dedication to creating unforgettable journeys, immersing travellers in the diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes of this vibrant corner of the world. Whether exploring the pristine beaches of the South Pacific, the bustling metropolises of East Asia, or the remote wonders of Oceania, Silversea remains devoted to ensuring each guest discovers the true essence of APAC, combined with the indulgence and sophistication that define the brand.

Philippa Walker, Marketing Director Asia Pacific, Silversea

Travel Daily Media has spoken with Philippa Walker, Marketing Director Asia Pacific, Silversea, about the company’s commitment to the APAC region and supporting travel agents and advisors.

Travel Daily Media (TD): Can you share some exciting details about Silversea’s new ships, Silver Endeavour, Silver Nova, and Silver Ray? What unique features or experiences can guests look forward to on these vessels?

Philippa Walker (PW): Silver Endeavour revolutionises expedition voyages and allows deeper travel to some of the planet’s farthest-flung coasts. Her statistics speak for themselves: unrivalled, industry-leading crew-to-guest, zodiac-to-guest, and expert-to-guest ratios, cutting-edge navigation and exploration technology, and hallmark Silversea comfort make her the most luxurious expedition ship ever built.

Silversea wants to lead the future of sustainable ultra-luxury cruising. Revolutionary technology has allowed the 728-guest Silver Nova to become the most sustainable ultra-luxury ship ever launched next month. In 2024 another Nova class ship will launch, Silver Ray which will be among the most environmentally conscious ships ever built. Silver Nova is the industry’s first ship to be equipped with a large-scale hybrid power source, using a combination of fuel cells, batteries, and dual-fuel engines that use liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The 728-guest Silver Nova will host 10 bars and lounges, eight distinct restaurants, and an array of additional public venues when she launches in August 2023. Silversea will enhance Silver Nova with a new design approach in a first for the leading ultra-luxury cruise line: guests will benefit from an asymmetrical design, as well as a horizontal layout, which will heighten the ship’s sense of spaciousness and provide a natural flow between venues on entire decks.

TD: Silversea has been known for its exceptional expedition products. Could you tell us more about the Antarctica Bridge product and any other innovative offerings that cater specifically to adventure-seeking travellers?

PW: The Antarctica Bridge product on Silver Endeavour has been incredibly successful and unique for Silversea. The itinerary eliminates the Drake Passage experience providing discerning travellers with the fastest and most seamless route to Antarctica. Bypassing the Drake Passage means guests avoid approximately four days on the return journey. Alternatively, the fly-cruise program allows guests to fly over the sea crossing in two hours in business-class comfort. The Antarctica Bridge expands guests’ choices by allowing for a deeper discovery of Antarctica in a shorter time frame.

In Antarctica, Silversea is the only company that uses Puerto Williams as a turnaround port, with other cruise operators sailing out of Ushuaia. Silversea negotiated a flight charter agreement into King George Island in order to save time and enhance the journey for travellers to Antarctica.

Silversea is constantly evolving our expedition product via geographic scouting missions and frontier itineraries. The expedition team goes on scouting missions to find new landing sites in remote regions like Antarctica, the South Pacific and Arabian Peninsula to improve the guest experience. On a recent 15-person Antarctica scouting and research mission, 42 new landing sites were found over the course of 12 days, on uncharted land. As Antarctica landings are dependent on conditions, the more landing sites, the better the on-land experience for guests on Silver Endeavour, Silver Cloud and Silver Wind. This ensures that Silversea remains a cutting-edge polar leader.

TD: Silversea has been showing great commitment to the Asia Pacific region. How is the company strengthening its presence in this market, and what can guests expect from Silversea’s cruises in the region?

PW: In Asia Pacific in 2023, Silversea surpassed sales volumes versus pre-pandemic levels. The rebound in sales has been extremely strong demand from Southeast Asia, and Greater China (mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong). Japan has been slower to open post-pandemic, so we are seeing a slower return to growth, but still an upward trajectory.

We are increasing turnarounds in Singapore by more than 40%. We are bringing the S.A.L.T. equipped ships to Singapore’s shores. Silver Moon is coming to Singapore in January 2024 and Silver Nova will call into Singapore regularly from Autumn 2024. These ships are revolutionary on the Singapore cruise scene as they bring an entirely new approach to food on board. Many guests will discover Asia again through inventive and creative culinary experiences of the S.A.L.T. concept.

TD: Silversea is often praised for its all-inclusive fares and value offerings. Could you elaborate on what makes these fares an amazing value, and how do they enhance the overall guest experience?

PW: We are the only player to cover over 900 destinations in total luxury, and we are the most inclusive doing this, meaning we handle everything from door to door. This is particularly important when our guests travel to these remote destinations. Our travellers do not need to worry about anything, from the moment they leave their door to the moment they arrive home, with car transfers, business class upgrades, tipping and all drinks and food included, even some of the world’s best champagne!

TD: Silversea is known for its product innovations such as S.A.L.T. (Sea and Land Taste) and OTIVM (Our Time In Very Mind). How do these offerings set Silversea apart from other cruise lines, and what kind of experiences do they provide to guests?

PW: S.A.L.T., an acronym for Sea and Land Taste, is Silversea’s innovative culinary enrichment programme, which enables guests to travel deeper through a range of destination-focused gastronomic experiences—both on board and ashore.

S.A.L.T. Kitchen is the first large-scale regional restaurant aboard a luxury cruise ship, offering a menu that changes with the destination and a regionally inspired wine list. S.A.L.T. Lab is a test kitchen that enables guests to learn about local ingredients and artisanal techniques, through insightful workshops, tastings, and demonstrations. S.A.L.T. Bar allows guests to sample the most authentic flavours of the destination, with a large selection of regional wines, spirits, cocktails, and other drinks.

A range of curated experiences ashore complements the offering, enabling guests to gain first-hand experience of local culinary cultures. Silversea’s Silver Moon, Silver Dawn® and the two Nova class ships, Silver Nova and Silver Ray will also offer guests S.A.L.T. enrichments.

Silversea has very recently formed a collaboration with the three Michelin-starred restaurant Mirazur—headed by one of the world’s most celebrated chefs, Chef Mauro Colagreco—to offer guests an immersive new culinary experience on the French Riviera. The experience will take the cruise line’s guests closer to the authentic heart of French culinary traditions in Menton, one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful towns, as they learn more about Mirazur’s unique concept. Tailor-made for Silversea’s guests, the bespoke shore experience is Mirazur’s only collaboration with a cruise line. It will be available during calls to Menton and Monte Carlo in summer 2023 and summer 2024—offered to guests sailing aboard Silver Moon, Silver Dawn®, and, once launched, new ships Silver Novaand Silver Ray.

Silver Nova also boasts the Otium spa. Open throughout the day as the home of Silversea’s Roman-inspired Otium wellness programme, the 338m² (3,638.2ft²) space will incorporate an indoor swimming pool; spa, with eight treatment rooms and a tranquil relaxation area; fitness centre; and beauty salon. Inspired by the design of Ancient Roman baths, the Otium Spa will have an open, welcoming feel, in which guests’ wellness journeys will flow seamlessly between interconnecting areas. The thermal area will be larger than ever, with a steam room; sauna; and pool, complete with travertine water fountain and floor-to-ceiling windows.

TD: Travel Agents and Advisors play a crucial role in the cruise industry. Could you explain why they are so important to Silversea, and what initiatives or incentives Silversea has in place to support and collaborate with travel agents?

PW: Our trusted travel agents and advisors are so important to us. We are constantly working with trade to educate and offer tools that will help them sell. We offer very high commission rates and see the trade as our partners. We host regular information evenings, webinars and specialist trainings.

We are also thrilled to have just announced the launch of the all-new Silversea Academy, which is an exclusive educational platform designed to empower travel agents and advisors. The platform features concise modules that can be completed on the go, allowing agents to enhance their expertise.

The post Silversea on creating unforgettable journeys in Asia Pacific appeared first on Travel Daily.

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