Planning on going for a vacation and looking out for good discounted hotel accommodation? Try out these 10 suggestions below and get ready to pack your bags.

1. Booking a room in a luxury hotel well in advance of your scheduled date of stay may get you a good discount.

2. Certain airlines and tour operators have special collaborations with hotels. Try and avail this service as you can get a good discount in a luxury hotel if you consider their services.

3. Many luxury hotels put up an option of bid and buy on their site, you may want to check them out.

4. Most of the travel sites give good discounts if you book luxury hotel room through their sites. This way you also get a variety of luxurious hotel to choose from.

5. A reputed tour operator would always be able to provide you with good discounted rates for luxury hotel booking. Get a good travel operator to sort you out.

6. Booking hotel rooms in bulk is one sure way of getting heavy discounts. If you are more than 6, getting discount should be a piece of cake.

7. If you book a complete vacation package through the hotel they may give you heavy discounts for their rooms.

8. Also, try reserving the hotel room during off seasons. This can get you some good and heavy discounts.

9. Some luxury hotels offer good discounts if you book through a particular credit card. Keep a watch for such offers.

10. Look out for a newly opened luxury hotels. They proffer promotional discounts and the chances of them giving you a discount is very high.

So, keep your senses keen and be at the right place, at the right time. The jackpot’s not so hard to win, if you know where to look!

Source by Veron Ho

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